Insight beyond
visible symptoms

Every 30 seconds
someone loses a limb due to diabetes-related complications

85 % of amputations
in people with diabetes are preceded by a diabetic foot ulcer

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The benefits of thermography

Thermal imaging allows quick and easy detection of asymmetric body temperatures indicating underlying pathologies, such as inflammation, circulatory issues and possible ulcerations.

Thermography applications

Transforming foot health

Healthcare professionals have been using thermal imaging for years to detect early warning signs of diabetic foot ulceration.

With our new AI-assisted Remote Monitoring Solution, Thermidas is also empowering individuals to proactively monitor their foot health at home.

The science behind thermography

The body defends itself against ‘attacks’ by triggering an inflammatory response in the immune system. Redness, swelling, hot flushes and pain are signs of an inflammatory response. These inflammatory signs are difficult to detect in the feet of a diabetic due to a combination of many factors. The onset of symptoms is also affected by changes in the function of blood cells caused by high blood sugar.

Our solutions

Fast, safe and easy thermal imaging

Thermidas A615

CE-certified thermal imaging solutions for hospitals, clinics and surgery rooms.

Available as portable and workstation solutions.

FDA Cleared

IRT-384 Tablet

All-in-one mobile solution for thermal imaging including a high-resolution thermal camera and VistaClinic software.

FDA Cleared
In EU: Ask for availability


Easy-to-use thermal imaging solutions for daily monitoring at home. Includes the devices and software for transferring the images to medical professionals.

In development.

Talk with our experts

With Thermidas’s thermal imaging solutions, you can detect different complications quickly and safely.

Don’t hesitate – contact us today to learn more about the benefits of thermal imaging in your line of work.

Intuitive software

We have developed our thermal imaging solutions together with University Hospitals and experienced clinicians.

Thermidas’ intuitive software allows you to quickly analyze thermal images, locate temperature anomalies and create comprehensive reports.

Used in the top hospitals and universities

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