thermal imaging for Early diagnostics

Our mission is to detect and identify underlying pathologies
as early as possible to improve patient outcomes.

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What is thermal imaging?

Abnormal body temperature is a natural indicator of illness. Diagnostic thermal imaging is a non-contact and non-invasive alternative to conventional imaging methods.

Thermal Imaging can be used as a complementary diagnostic method e.g. in orthopedics, occupational medicine, vascular medicine, oncology, rheumatic inflammation, trauma, post-operative or fracture pain, dentistry, and diabetic foot complications.

Intended to be used in a variety of settings
Our customers range from non-clinical use such as sports to clinical use on primary care and all the way to operating room setting in hospitals.

Fast, safe and easy

As a complementary diagnostic method, thermal imaging will allow quick and easy detection of asymmetric body temperature indicating underlying pathologies, such as inflammation, circulatory issues and possible ulcerations.

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Our solutions for medical thermal imaging


All-in-one mobile solution for thermal imaging including a high-resolution thermal camera and Thermidas VistaClinic software.

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CE-certified thermal imaging solutions for hospitals, clinics and surgery rooms.

Available as portable and workstation solutions.

CE0598 Certified and FDA Cleared


Easy-to-use thermal imaging solutions for daily monitoring at home. Includes the devices and software for transferring the images to medical professionals. 

In development.

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With Thermidas’s thermal imaging solutions, you can detect different complications quickly and safely.

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