Diabetic foot problems
and thermal imaging

Thermidas provides revolutionary, non-contact, non-invasive, physiological diagnostic tools utilizing thermography to identify and diagnose underlying pathology quickly and reliably at earlier stages than currently adopted methods.

Case examples

Thermal imaging of diabetic feet

PAD - Peripheral Arterial Disease

  • CFA-ATA bypass to the right
  • Left SFA in stenoses, PA prox. blocked, dist.
  • PA fills through collaterals, FA only open
  • ABI 1.0 / 0.89, TBP 100/23 mmHg, TBI 0.47 / 0.10

Charcot foot

  • First image revealed a Charcot suspicion on the patient’s left foot
  • Second image is a diagnosed Charcot foot on right foot
  • ΔT max on the second image is 8°C

Blisters & Poor Circulation

  • Visual images of the same feet on the upper row
  • Thermal images help detect and locate the problem areas
  • High-temperature areas showing weight stress with the potential for skin breakdown

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