Thermography for

The benefits of thermal imaging for prosthetics

The quantitative measure of the state of the residual limb perfusion which is revealed by thermal maps may provide important information about:​

  • Existing defects of the socket, that during walking translate into excessive forces and in turn temperature increase​
  • Skin inflammations, e.g., as the result of the liner leading to excessive humidity and heating​
  • The classification and treatment of phantom limb pain​
Thermal image of a stump leg
Thermography can support the study of the stump and the clinical decisions for:
  • Adjusting the socket design
  • The localization of painful points to support the physician in the definition of analgesic therapy (e.g., laser therapy, capacitive-resistive-therapy);
  • The localization of inflammatory situations supporting the clinician in the custom construction of the socket or in planning for a proper and localized anti-inflammatory therapy;
  • The localization of thrombotic phenomena in amputees for peripheral vascular causes, in order to check the status of the limb before and after the prosthesis.

Example images

Pin lock - sleeve suspension

Sleeve suspension - vacuum connection

Posterior flap

Skew flap

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