New patent for our thermal imaging method

Thermidas has now an approved European patent for the thermal imaging method. The method was developed for medical purposes and is certified (CE/FDA) as a so-called medical device.

The system analyzes differences in skin surface temperatures in time and place (on the body or part of it). The obtained thermal image information provided by the infrared camera can also be combined with a visual camera image obtained with an optical camera or laser scanning. If necessary, the subject can be photographed from different directions.

The method is particularly suitable for e.g. monitoring the situation of diabetics in the prevention of ulcers and, in extreme cases, amputations. In addition, e.g. infections, inflammations, neuropathy and ischemia are among the syndromes to be observed/monitored, as well as the monitoring of Charcot syndrome.

The method also has other areas of application.

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