The 9th International Symposium on the Diabetic Foot

10 - 13 May 2023 at The World Forum of Hague, The Netherlands

About the ISDF

The International Symposium on the Diabetic Foot is held every four years. It is the largest and most prestigious meeting devoted to lower extremity problems in diabetes. The event brings together delegates from many specialties and leading experts from all around the world.

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Thermal imaging in the monitoring of diabetic feet

When monitoring the health of a diabetic’s feet, not all signs of danger are visible to the naked eye. An increase in the temperature of the skin of the foot is often a sign of imminent damage if the patient is at high risk for foot problems or has prior complication history.

Up to 75 % of diabetic foot ulcers can be prevented by early detection

The use of thermography to detect temperature anomalies has been
shown to predict up to 91% of pre-ulcerous sites

What are the benefits?

Several pieces of research and e.g., in Arjaleena Ilo’s dissertation reviewed in 2020 showed that thermal imaging can provide valuable information for screening and diagnosing a foot problem, as well as information on micro- and macro blood circulation, neuroischemia, skin strain, the significance of defects, inflammation and bone changes (fractures).

The skin of a diabetic’s at-risk foot cannot be relied upon for stimuli, and an increase in heat in the risk leg may be the only sign that the skin is ulcerating, or bone tissue is being damaged.

Image taken by Md. Jorma Lahtela, Tampere University Hospital

The science behind thermography

The body defends itself against ‘attacks’ by triggering an inflammatory response in the immune system. Redness, swelling, hot flushes and pain are signs of an inflammatory response. These inflammatory signs are difficult to detect in the feet of a diabetic due to a combination of many factors. The onset of symptoms is also affected by changes in the function of blood cells caused by high blood sugar.

Solutions certified for clinical use

We have spent years developing the technology and creating our thermography software to meet the high demands of medical use. Thermidas ThIR-A615 is the first medical CE-certified Infrared Thermal Imaging application in the world.

The system is intended for measuring and monitoring changes in skin surface temperature non-invasively. It allows quick, objective, and reliable measurement of local temperature changes and identification of asymmetries.

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Meet the future of thermography

The IRT-384 Tablet is the next generation of thermal imaging on the go. It is a complete, portable solution for capturing and analysing thermal images wherever you are.

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Thermidas at The ISDF 2023

Come meet us at The International Symposium on the Diabetic Foot and learn more about thermal imaging. We’ll be there throughout the whole event to answer your questions.

Finding us is easy – our booth G22 is located on the exhibition floor, near the main entrance.