The Company

TherMidas Oy is a Finnish health technology company established in 2008. TherMidas’s business idea is to make IR imaging available for medical use. IR imaging is used relatively little in medicine, and especially at the time the company was established, TherMidas was one of the world’s first in this sector.
From the very beginning the company has invested in research and development of IR imaging in various medical applications. The IR imaging technology developed by the company has been applied in the University of Eastern Finland’s research project “Detecting Arthritis in Children and Adolescents with IR Imaging”. The study’s IR images were taken by physicist Roope Lasanen as a part of his doctoral thesis work. Comparative images were taken with ultrasound. An article about this research was published under the title “Thermal Imaging in Screening of Joint Inflammation and Rheumatoid Arthritis in Children” in the esteemed journal Physiological Measurement, 36 (2015) 273-82. Roope Lasanen defended his doctoral dissertation in the field of applied physics on 9.10.2015; the topic was “Infrared thermography in the evaluation of skin temperature: Applications in musculoskeletal conditions”. In addition, the method developed by the company has been used to capture a large quantity of images, particularly in prosthetics and vascular surgery cases. Based on the research, the most promising results have been found in monitoring changes in peripheral circulation. Based on these results the company has developed a method for imaging the feet of diabetes patients.

Although IR imaging has been studied in medicine for decades already, only recently has it begun to be a method worth considering in this sector, also. The tremendous technological development of the last few decades has allowed IR imaging to emerge as a novel, significant imaging method alongside conventional methods.