NEW ORIGINAL PUBLICATION: Infrared Thermography as a Diagnostic Tool for PAD

Ilo, Arjaleena MD; Romsi, Pekka MD, PhD; Mäkelä, Jussi MD, PhD Infrared Thermography as a Diagnostic Tool for Peripheral Artery Disease, Advances in Skin & Wound Care: September 2020 – Volume 33 – Issue 9 – p 482-488doi: 10.1097/01.ASW.0000694156.62834.8b Infrared thermography (IRT) is a novel potential noninvasive diagnostic method. It is safe and reliable, allowing for quick evaluation of radiating energy… Read more →

More findings in a new original publication

With a simple clinical setting, the study compared skin temperature changes in the feet before and after revascularization and to identify possible correlation between ankle brachial index (ABI) and toe pressure (TP) values and foot skin temperature patient with and without diabetes. The results showed a clear correlation between increase of ABI and TP and increase of the mean skin… Read more →

TherMidas kick off in the UK

Beside our DACH representative Andreas Wittwer, we are pleased to welcome our new British representative Stephen Taylor to the TherMidas Team. Stephen represented us already at the recent Technology Innovations for Healthcare conference held at The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh in Scotland on March 12th.  The event was co-organised by CENSIS, Scottish Health Innovations Ltd, NHS Forth Valley,… Read more →

Our year 2020 – So far & beyond

The year started off with a special IR imaging session at Tampere University Hospital. Based on on-going researches and clinical use of our system in Tampere and Oulu University Hospitals, two excellent presentations were given. With our active participants we also alluded to the potential and advantages of thermal imaging in vascular patient and diabetes patient care.  Later in January,… Read more →

Recap 2019

In the end of 2019, we focused on presence and medical events in Finland. In October, we were in Turku at Diabetic Foot Symposium which was followed by National Diabetes Day and Operative Days in Helsinki in November In Turku at our booth we met PhD Mr. Sicco A. Bus from International Working Group on the Diabetic Foot (IWGDF). In his… Read more →

Excellent findings in new original publication

Infrared thermography revealed local temperature differences in high-risk diabetic feet. Normal skin surface temperature varies between individuals, but in combination with other tools, IRT might be useful in clinical screening. Diabetes mellitus (DM) and related foot complications constitute a growing healthcare burden. DM is associated with lower-limb amputation, but diabetic foot assessment is challenging. The study evaluated a novel noninvasive… Read more →