Kauko Oy becomes Distributor of Thermidas Oy

Kauko Oy and Thermidas Oy have signed a distribution agreement on Nov. 6th, 2018 according to which Kauko will sell the Thermidas infrared imaging system in parallel with Thermidas in Finland and will become a distributor of the system in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The Thermidas infrared imaging system is part of Kauko’s comprehensive healthcare solutions.

For example, in wound care the partners’ products will comprehend each other. The Thermidas system will help in the prediction of emerging wounds and in the follow up of them. Side-by-side with this Kauko’s 3D imaging system will support the acute phase of the wound care process.

The agreement has just been signed. The event is witnessed (from right to left) Juha Rytkönen, Head of Business Development (Kauko Healthcare), Johan Enlund, Finance Director (Kauko Oy), Juha Hämäläinen, Quality Manger (Thermidas), and Markku Pekkola, Chairman of Board (Thermidas).


Kauko – Specialist in mobile knowledge

When knowledge work is required regardless of place and time, Kauko innovates and creates seamlessly functioning digital solutions for top professionals, based on devices and software. In Healthcare Kauko facilitates the work of healthcare professionals by providing equipment and service solutions that are tailored for critical care environments and mobile knowledge work.

Kauko innovates and builds complete packages that fulfil strict electricity safety, hygiene, operational reliability and ergonomic requirements around the world-class hospital products it represents. The equipment must function disruption-free under all conditions and guarantee patient safety. The solutions also broaden the opportunities for remote treatment and free up time for personalized service. They additionally meet the requirements for ever-faster and more cost-effective treatment.

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